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Mapping and Geo of IP


iptrackeronline - email header analyser and IP tracker


Echosec - excellent geo tool for geofencing and locating uploads of twitter, etc. PAID ( and expensive)


Geo tool 


Geocoder - enter the location and the reference is given


IP Mapping- geo-locates IP addresses


infosniper - geolocates any Ip, starting with your own 




Domain tools - too many useful tools to mention. Have a look


Geo locating map tool


geoplaner - Lat long and eastings/northings comparisson site and locator.


latlong-gridref - Convert between Latitude/Longitude & OS National Grid References


geodesy - another latlong to EN converter


Latlong OS guide


Another guide - cell site maps for 2-4g networks with cell id and location. 

Cell ID finder - erm, finds cells for phone networks by their iD.

Another Cell id map

Basic wifi map

submarine cable map - see who's running the infrastructuor and network cables for international data

Domain and IP checking tool


Privacy checker - by clicking this link the program will check and display the connection details of the computer you are now on.


wolframalpha - fantastic IP resolution and geo tool amongst other things

Bulk IP search (30 max)

Email Header analyser paste your header here and it will analyse and provide traceroute data

- satellite phone stuff


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