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Im excited to announce the launch and publishing of my book on OSINT SOCMINT and HUMINT techniques, tradecraft and methodology, for an efficient and far reaching investigative delve in to the internet. 

The book will be officially launched on the 28th February 2022, but discounted pre orders can be made before that date using the link above. 

The format will be available in print and eBook, and will be 350 pages of all the latest tools and techniques, lateral thinking, covert searching and best practice for the modern cyber investigator.

It deals with the concept of OSINT like no other book on the market- an alternative look at how to achieve results, based on over 20 years as a police and intelligence investigator.

Below is an example glossary and index. 

Chapter 1  - How it all works- to our advantage. Understanding the back doors and digital shadows. 


Chapter 2 – How should we search the web? best practice and tradecraft for covert and efficient searching


Chapter 3 – Where should we search? exploring the dark corners of the internet, and deleted content


Chapter     - Understanding your target - The hand holding the device is more important than the device itself. 


Chapter 4 – SOCMINT HUMINT and OSINT -  workarounds, exploits and covert searching


Chapter  5 -  Social engineering- we are all victims of this. how can we exploit this when used on our target. 


Chapter 6 – Wi-Fi, geolocation and digital foot printing.


Chapter 7 – Sock puppets, online covert profiles and covert payments


Chapter 8 – Attribution of devices


Chapter 9 – Cookies, viruses and tracking programmes


Chapter 9 – Communications data- analysis and actioning


Chapter 10 – Covert interaction and tradecraft


Chapter 11 – Lateral thinking and problem solving


Chapter 12 – The do’s and Don’ts. avoid trip ups and exposure


Chapter 13 – The law and legislation


Chapter 14- International assistance and agreements


Chapter 15 – Top search engines , apps and tools

Chapter 16 - Masking technologies, Darkweb and proxies


Chapter 17 - money laundering, carouselling and crypto online


Chapter 17 - Conclusion







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