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ORYON - OSINT search tool -  Find People - Photos, Social Profiles, Criminal Records, Personal Data, Blog posts 


search engine list and guide


webmii - cool social sercher on names 


snitch - SN name search


UVRX - SN keyword searcher


peekyou - free people searcher


Itools - hundreds of search engines on one site


search engine colossus - cool list of worldwide search engines


Zaba- US name and number search engine


Username checker - fed up of searching SN sites for a user -this tool searcher 160+ in one go!


Knowem - searches 550 SN sites in one go for a unique user


Metacrawler - a search engine that searches ALL the other search engines - very powerful


Spokeo - people and email searcher


Dogpile - meta search engine


PIPL - people deep search engine

192People - people search


philb - really cool country search engines which relate to specific countries for more accurate results

People searcher - does what it says - directory enquiries and limited voters


Companies House - company searches and directors


Linkedin business professionals search engine -WARNING- the subject sees your visit!


Babelfish translator ( translates text into any language)


anon surfing - allows proxy searching ( hides your IP)


Friendsreunited - SN site


Myspace - one of the original SN sites


Peekyou - people finder


Wink - people finder


Email Header analyzer

Lullar- open source search on names and emails - telephone/address worldwide - telephone code lookup etc. - postcode/address check - WebCheck & Companies House Direct – List of UK companies – telephone directory - residential telephone directory – telephone information – telephone information - telephone information – electoral role

Wayback Machine- website archive files and screen shots - Copernic Agent Basic queries leading search engines to bring you back relevant, high quality results - Maltego is useful search facility for linking individuals & accounts

URL analyser - tells you what the site is about, how popular, but most importantly, where the host server is. Dont assume that its where its likely to be. Take my site for example, its hosted by in the states but the server is in the uk. Try it. It just might be that the server with all the evidence you need, is in your country!


izito- powerful meta search engine

2lingual - Bilingual search engine  - choose what languages to search in automatically - Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.

 tweeplesearch. search and analyse twitter profiles remotely. 

Twitter analytical tool


Other twitter tools:   OMTM, tweet paths, twtrland, Gwittr, twellow, twitonomy, twicsy, twitpic, backtweets

Picture search engine   google images alternative 

visual ping - website change monitor


GPS visualizer - create your own map charts from phone date to map movement and direction


Basic Wifi mapper

wifi cracker -  Override wifi passwords- get authority to use this one or you're breaking the law!!!

Wardriving - useful site to get a better understanding of wardriving

Cell tower maps - nice interface and useful site to see who's got a  strong  signal in your targets area

Hacking wireless networks - Article on how to hack networks. For Further knowledge and education purposes only. 


New interesting tools for the investigator ( May  ) - cell site maps for 2-4g networks with cell id and location. 

Cell ID finder - erm, finds cells for phone networks by their iD.

Another Cell id map

submarine cable map - see who's running the infrastructuor and network cables for international data

root-servers - location data for the network root servers - id and location

Free virtual mobile/ cell number 

Cell and wifi positioning tool - requires free reg. 

 Hakshop - wifi sniffer shop

Torstatus - what nodes are live on tor?

VPN tunnel site 

Free vpn site

Domain interrogation site

20minutemail - a free non attributable email box that last for, erm , i think, 20 minutes?

RFC page - Internet society 'go to' pages.

IETF - The Internet Engineering Task Force page 

Does your target wear a fitbit - sniff its signal here

Pentest guru - interested in pen testing?

Connection self test

RFID clone kit -  The Boscloner is an All in One RFID Cloning Toolkit designed to make RFID badge cloning

Darkweb search and url link site - need tor connection. 













Google Advanced Search

Google Search

Jive Search





Wolfram Alpha

Yahoo! Search

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