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Guys, we all use Google, as its the most powerful. But it can only see about 10-14% of the internet so you need to see more. Google is great and youve got to use it, but not on its own!


When youre buying something on the net, you dont just look at one site do you? so dont to it with data either!




Google is great for cheap flights or holidays, but we are not looking for normal stuff . Google isnot the solution for searching the internet for OSINT stuff. Its still a very valuable tool, but not the best.  Some of the tools below work in different ways so you get other results  . Remember , Google isnt good with PDF and pages within sites. so you need to do several searches .


Its also a victim of its own success. It returns EVERY piece of data it thinks is relevant to you. So you get millions of pages. But we dont look past page 3 do we?.............


We need to refine our search peramiters so we get back a manageable and reasonable number of results.  We get too much flotsam and jetsam which hides what we really want.  Try some others. You wont be dissapointed.



Meta search engines



Social Searcher - Does what it says


Duckduckgo - no attributable searching - they cant see you!


Clusty - cluster meta search engine


Ixquik - privacy meta search engine - searches 10 engines at once in privacy. 


Polymeta  - another great cluster meta search engine


Usersearch - searches 55 data bases at once


Metacrawler - a search engine that searches ALL the other search engines - very powerful


Dogpile - meta search engine - search Yahoo, Google and bing all at once


Carrot2 - indexes results into useful sections


Pastelert - set up alerts to se whan a topic is uploaded into pastebin




UVRX - SN keyword searcher


Zaba- US name and number search engine


iseek - intelligent meta search engine



Other useful data bases - directory enquiries and limited voters

Linkedin business professionals search engine - ALERT!- the profile sees youve searched them


Lullar- open source search on names and emails


UK FOI requests - Freedom of information requests. UK only- remember , Google cant see these - search the database!



UK Company stuff

Try and stay way from the standard Companies house site as a first choice- the others give so much more infor , and for free. 


Companies house BETA - all the data and its all free!


Duedil - company stuff






Companies House - company searches and directors




Searching for people? Do these first


Wink - people finder


Knowem - searches 550 SN sites in one go for a unique user


peekyou - free people searcher


webmii - cool social sercher on names - social searcher


snitch - SN name search


People finder chat - chat re search engines


Usersearch - deep web search tool for usernames and hastags


Username checker - fed up of searching SN sites for a user -this tool searcher 160+ in one go!


Zabasearch - one of the original but still effective people search engines

PIPL - people deep search engine


Username checker - fed up of searching SN sites for a user -this tool searcher 160+ in one go!



Historic and blocked data bases ( search engines cannot see the contents)


Pastebin - the orifice of the internet. loads of bad stuff. Make sure you look in here.


Wayback Machine- website archive files and screen shots


UK vehicle checker - check to see if a vehicle is still used/ owned/ taxed/insured and if the reg is right

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