Vehicle Telematics and Data Sets - Amazing New Horizons and Opportunities for the Investigator


Sponsored By: TeleStrategies' ISS World


Date: 1ST NOVEMBER , 2016




Only for Law Enforcement and Government Interior Security and Defense. You must register with your government issued email address or contact ISS World for alternative attendee government affiliated credentials.  


What the manufacturers say:


New technologies, features and safety systems. Enhanced vehicle interaction, integration and connectivity. 21st Century driving.


What I say:


New investigative exploits. Enhanced investigative opportunities and attribution. 21st century policing.


What are your targets doing regarding vehicles? Are they using their own or others? What tech are they driving around with? What can we get? How can we get it? What electronic footprint are they leaving?


The skid marks and the damage at the scene of an accident tell us one thing. The Car 'Black box' might tell us another. 


Let us laterally think out opportunities and New investigative exploits. Consider Enhanced investigative opportunities and attribution.


I think you'll be very surprised.


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