Social Networking tools


I dont think I need to list the big social networking sites here as we are all aware of them, but these tools are related to SN sites, tweeks, tracing and digital footprints left. 



Social networking tracking and geo


Social network analyser and archived tweets - awesome archiver of tweets. user/ tweeter/poster/ twit (;-) cant see you search


One million tweet map - live twitter geo location map. This geolocates the tweet, not the account, so is live time. Goes back 6 hrs. 


Echosec - fantastic tool - ( restricted free version). Choose area on map and see whats coming out on twitter, instagram ( not FB), Vkontakte, etc -   if you would like a 10 day free test of the pro version go to There is a You have to put card details in, but just cancel after 8-9 days and no charge. Its worth having a look. 


TeachingprivacyGreat new golocator for tweets - Enter the Twitter or Instagram username and, if they’ve got their location services turned on, you can pinpoint which house they’ve sent a Tweet from and where they do most of their tweeting as it generates a ‘heat map’.

Geosocialfootprint - You can access raw twitter API data here !!!!

Social Bearing - Nice analytical tool




Facebook searcher #1


Facebook searcher #2


Facebook searcher #3


Facebook search by name



ID Lookup

Expand Facebook comments


PROFILE BUILDING Find People - Photos, Social Profiles, Criminal Records, Personal Data, Blog posts 


Spokeo - powerful people and email searcher for the US


Geofeedia - specify your own geo fence and monitor social networking activity there




NEW Twitual- see who is friends with your target


Tweetarchivist - read the tweets that have been archived and fallen off the twitter pages


Tweet tunnel - archived tweets freely available for the last 2 years. Awesome. 


Icerocket - search engine for geo tweets and FB - with nice keyword search


Tweetdeck - twitter search 



Tweetdiff - compare users to see if they have mutual friends


Wheretweeting - tells you, erm, where theyre tweeting ? Doh!


Lazqa - geo locates tweets within a chosen area


conweets - shows peoples historic conversation on twitter and connectivity - Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.

 tweeplesearch. search and analyse twitter profiles remotely. 

Twitter analytical tool

Tinfoleaks - see what leaks- must create em


Social Bearing

Twitter user email - CAUTION- DONT SEND RESET!. Just see the email structure


topix - search for a particular topic


socialmention - search engine which indexes social uplods 


social searcher

Tweetbeaver - lots of cool tools for twitter


shodan - lists the location of a server holding a persons profile


twitter bingmaps - how to


namechk - see where a username / tag exists and lists other lesser known social network sites



Search engines


Usersearch - deep web search tool for usernames and hastags


Social Searcher - Does what it says




Clusty - cluster meta search engine


Lxquik - privacy meta search engine - searches 10 engines at once in privacy. 


Polymeta  - another great cluster meta search engine


Metacrawler - a search engine that searches ALL the other search engines - very powerful


Dogpile - meta search engine - search Yahoo, Google and bing all at once


Carrot2 - indexes results into useful sections


Zabasearch - one of the original but still effective people search engines

PIPL - people deep search engine


Pastelert - set up alerts to se whan a topic is uploaded into pastebin




Wayback Machine- website archive files and screen shots




webmii - cool social sercher on names 


snitch - SN name search


UVRX - SN keyword searcher


peekyou - free people searcher


Zaba- US name and number search engine


Username checker - fed up of searching SN sites for a user -this tool searcher 160+ in one go!


Knowem - searches 550 SN sites in one go for a unique user


iseek - intelligent meta search engine - directory enquiries and limited voters

Companies House - company searches and directors

Linkedin business professionals search engine - ALERT!- the profile sees youve searched them


Wink - people finder


Lullar- open source search on names and emails


People finder chat - chat re search engines


Other less well known SN sites 

Friendsreunited - SN site

Myspace - one of the original SN sites

Peekyou - people finder

Wink - people finder

Lullar- open source search on names and emails



INFO databases ( companies, numbers etc) - telephone/address worldwide - postcode/address check - WebCheck & Companies House Direct – List of UK companies – telephone directory - residential telephone directory – telephone information – telephone information - telephone information – electoral role

smallbusinesses - UK - Copernic Agent Basic queries leading search engines to bring you back relevant, high quality results




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