New tools


This page is dedicated to the new and recently added tools so regular users can try them out. Once they have been parked here for a few weeks, they will join the relevant pages on the site. Thanks to all the contributors - Keep them coming!


October cool tools - satellite phone stuff



( its a pay site tho)

SN stuff


Social Bearing




September   tools

DNS lookup service

stalkscan - Facebook tool

Worldwide radio channel tool

3G phone news channel - keep up to date with cell news and networks. 

Zoomeye  - IoT search engine - great tool. But Chinese run so be aware. 

actualfacebookgraphsearches - does what it says on the tin. Tutorial and link to waiting list. 




July   tools


izito- powerful meta search engine

2lingual - Bilingual search engine  - choose what languages to search in automatically - Keyhole allows you to search for hashtags, and keywords on Instagram and Twitter.

 tweeplesearch. search and analyse twitter profiles remotely. 

Twitter analytical tool


Other twitter tools:   OMTM, tweet paths, twtrland, Gwittr, twellow, twitonomy, twicsy, twitpic, backtweets

Picture search engine   google images alternative 

visual ping - website change monitor

 June   tools


GPS visualizer - create your own map charts from phone date to map movement and direction


Basic Wifi mapper

wifi cracker -  Override wifi passwords- get authority to use this one or you're breaking the law!!!

Wardriving - useful site to get a better understanding of wardriving

Cell tower maps - nice interface and useful site to see who's got a  strong  signal in your targets area

Hacking wireless networks - Article on how to hack networks. For Further knowledge and education purposes only


New interesting tools for the investigator ( May  ) - cell site maps for 2-4g networks with cell id and location. 

Cell ID finder - erm, finds cells for phone networks by their iD.

Another Cell id map

submarine cable map - see who's running the infrastructuor and network cables for international data

root-servers - location data for the network root servers - id and location

Free virtual mobile/ cell number 

Cell and wifi positioning tool - requires free reg. 

 Hakshop - wifi sniffer shop

Torstatus - what nodes are live on tor?

VPN tunnel site 

Free vpn site

Domain interrogation site

20minutemail - a free non attributable email box that last for, erm , i think, 20 minutes?

RFC page - Internet society 'go to' pages.

IETFThe Internet Engineering Task Force page 

Does your target wear a fitbit - sniff its signal here

Pentest guru - interested in pen testing?

Connection self test

RFID clone kit -  The Boscloner is an All in One RFID Cloning Toolkit designed to make RFID badge cloning

Darkweb search and url link site - need tor connection. 





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