Welcome to my resources and tools page. Just click on the buttons below to go to the page it relates to. Some tools are in more than one category so appear in more than one place.

If you know of a tool that is super useful and would be of use to the OSINT community, drop me an email and I will upload the link for everyone to use and benefit by. For those of you that have already made valuable suggestions to this ever increasing list of tools (You know who you are), the community and I thank you for passing it on. Keep fighting the fight. 


Remember - Google only sees a fraction of the web - we need to see more. So you have to use several tools to get a better spread of data. All these programmes are written by different programmers, so work in different ways. If you were looking for a cheap holiday, you wouldn't buy one from the first site you visited, would you? You search several sites for the best result. OSINT is no different. 


Ive added a Firefox button - if you need any advice or assistance setting up a safe and efficient browser, its here. 


Happy hunting 

Safe surfing

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