5 day cyber investigator course

Johannesburg  17-21 Apr 2017

Hilton Hotel, Sandton, JoBurg

Registration packs will be sent this week  to those who have registered an interest

This is a 5 day course designed to teach the law enforcement or government investigator the skills required to trace and monitor online footprints of criminals and organised crime groups. 

This essential course will be a hands on ,  with exersises and tasks for the delegates in order to learn and familiarise themselves with how and where to look online. Certificates will be issued. 


Subjects covered include:

  • Advanced open source investigation 

  • Image Analysis - EXIF, GEOTAG and Meta data. 

  • Facebook , Twitter instagram and flikr analysis and tools

  • OSINT tool website familiarisation

  • Investigator tradecraft , good evidence and  good practice

  • Dark and deep web analysis and tracking

  • Social Networking site interrogation and analytics

  • Human nature Versus digital foot printing

  • Social engineering tricks and exploits

  • Financial tracking and money laundering

  • Geolocation tools and tricks

  • Tracking and identifying offenders, devices, footprints 

  • Analysis and tracking of Hidden Web users

  • IP tracking and analysis

  • Bitcoin awareness

  • Covert techniques and tricks.  

  • Phone and device tracking and geolocation

  • vehicle telematics and exploits

  • Device attribution 

Please register your interest in the course HERE. Once numbers of delegates  are finalised, the date and venue will be announced. 

Further details will be sent to those who register. 

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